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Some Advantages of Using M&B Super-Mix Products

-Biggest advantage of having a mixing procedure that insures a quality, consistent drink each time it is mixed.
-Dusting with a powder vs. Non-Dusting with Super-Mix Concentrates.
-Powder much harder to dissolve. Clumping with powder. Product settling with powder vs. not settling with M&B.
-Have to open three packets compared to one jug of Super-Mix
-Have to add sugar to powdered mix. No need to add sugar to M&B.
-Cost savings per finished gallon.
-One case of M&B Super-Mix makes 30 gallons vs. the standard powder which is 12 packets making 24 gallons.
-Powder sometimes comes out tasting weak.
-Control waste by making as much as you want.
-Less steps in mixing.
-Super-Mix is certified Kosher and Vitamin C fortified


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